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Little Ferry Fire

So for anyone who has visited this photo blog in the past you may have assumed that my photographic interests were limited to photographing churches. While churches do offer one of the best environments for HDR photography, my interests are much more diversified.

Last night I had the scanner on and heard the call go out for an alarm of fire at a pool and sauna business on Rt. 46 in Little Ferry, New Jersey. I decided to grab the camera and check out the action. Arriving on scene it became apparent, very quick, that this was going to grow into a multi-alarm. Arriving as quickly as possible allows you to get a good vantage point before the police and fire start closing down all the local streets.  A very good friend of mine, Mike Coppola, who is an avid fire photographer told me fire was still showing at 2 a.m. If you are into fire photos check out Mike’s web site at

Here’s two photos from last night. More are posted on my Flickr site (in the fire photo set) at


Easy Color in Complex Lighting

Back in my about section I mentioned that my family roots go back to Jersey City (Hudson County), New Jersey. Recently I went back to the old neighborhood to visit St Anthony’s Church. My grandparents attended this church, my parents were married there and my father’s funeral mass was held here. It was the first time I’ve been inside in probably 35 years. As a child I remember it as a massive church with a very ornate altar.

PM SA_03

These days I’m larger and the interior while ornate was much smaller than I remember it as. It was never the less a great photo opportunity thanks to “Walter” the maintenance supervisor who allowed me access at a time when the church was normally closed. Many of the lights have been converted to compact florescent bulbs so the lighting was challenging with an uneven mix of warmer incandescent and very “cold” compact florescent.  Obtaining the proper color calibration was greatly simplified using X-Rite’s Color Passport. This portable color chart allows you to easily create a custom color profile for your camera under virtually any lighting condition. Once you get back to your PC and the profile is created and saved to Adobe Photoshop and / or Lightroom, obtaining the right color and white balance setting is just a few clicks away. If you are serious about consistent color, check out Color Passport.


Tribute in Light – In Rememberance

Each year since 9/11/2002 the Tribute in Light is held at “Ground Zero” in New York City. Two beams of blue light shine into the sky from sunset on 9/11 to the following day’s sunrise. This year heavy rains discouraged the hundreds of photographers the usually turn out along the New Jersey shore of the Hudson River.

Living just a few air miles from “Ground Zero” I experienced the drama of that day in eye’s view of the World Trade Center. As smoke was billowing from the first tower I watched as the second plane impacted. I was part of a group of about 25 people who gathered on the upper parking level at my office. As the plane struck a perfectly synchronized “Oh Shit” could be heard throughout the group. It became an indelible memory, one of the life experiences that you will always recall what you were doing that moment.



Welcome to the Bergen Photo Blog

Welcome to the Bergen Photo Blog, a place I’ve thought about creating for some time. Living in New Jersey, we all have to put up with the abuse and jokes – and yes, there’s more to New Jersey than the N.J. Turnpike!

I thought it would be interesting to share bits and pieces of Bergen County and the adjacent communities with you, through my lens. Since my camera goes anywhere I go, expect anything.  You may also like to check out my Flickr page where I’ve been posting for about two years.BPB_TIL2007_01

If you read my “about” page than you already know that my photographic pixel were planted long ago in Hudson County. I can’t think of a better place to open this blog.

Jersey City sits on the Western side of the Hudson River, directly across from “Ground Zero” on the Southern tip of Manhattan. Each “9/11” the Tribute in Light is held marking the location of where the World Trade Center towers once stood. A monument was added in Jersey City to those who lost their lives. The yearly event really brings out the shutter bugs – definitely a great photo-op.BPB_TIL2007_02


Welcome to the Bergen Photo Blog

This is where it all begins! So I decided to create a place where I can share bits and pieces of Bergen County, NJ.

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